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  • About US started as a web medium to connect Indian cottage & small scale industry with the other parts of the world. This was conceived by few freelancing consultants who travel around the world including US because of their work. This was focussed for a niche segment to begin with. However soon after the launch ideas started evolving in order to make it more interesting to keep enthusiasm of involved people ON and to bring more & more people in the regular reach.

    Therefore the spectrum of following activities became the integral part of portal

    1. Connecting to the Indian cottage and small scale industry - who neither have access to outside world nor have any identity in the big world of brand management & marketing.

    2. To keep the interest of consulting fraternity ON and to network more and more consultants a section of articles, forum & some fun section such as games, jokes etc were added.
    3. Last but not the least, a very important change which added spicy flavor to the site, was the addition of section providing best online deals in market and online shopping experiences from third parties. So stay tuned to see our ongoiing efforts and continuous improvement in this section.

    Just to mention, based on suggestions from our readers we have named this section as So this would be accessible from and from www.GoCheapDeals.Com both.

    Hope you will keep visiting us. We value your time, therefore we will always try to provide you rich experience on your every visit to this site. We also look forward for your continuing feedback and comments. We always read each & every comment and some of you might have observed that their suggestions have already been implemented.

    Thanks for being with us. team