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    There are some of the business models we can always recommend. But these would be person specific and we suggest to think on any of below ince you complete above exercise. More I am sure you would see in Knowledge forum where experiences people would come and add.

    1. Share Market & Portfolio management - If you have good understanding of share markets and have been earning from share markets. Moreover if you have Finance degree also then you can look for starting your own business in share markets and can join some equity firm as a financial advisor to begin with. Later you can start your own investment firm.

    2. Teaching online - if you had been academician then you can think to start a online tution center. There you need to have proper setup for video interaction. Th begin with you can first start from your known people. This would give you good earning per hour but momentum of business would come slowly once you establish your credibility.

    3. Franchisee - If you have space also then you can do dual kind of teaching and can start classes also at home. This is a common business for many people in countries like India.

    4. Technical Jobs - People who have expertise in IT, graphocs, mechiancial or civil desigining have opportunities to start their home office business. This is again a job based busines. Many good companies accept consultants demand to allow them to work from home.

    5. Marketing Contracts - You can start taking marketing contracts from direct distributing product companies. It can be selling or only promotion for the companies. Usually this if fixed price contracts but can be based on per person contacted based also. Nowadays there are many internet based marketing companies also working which takes help of spam and buys database and send emails to people in mass. For this they usually make their database size as USP.

    6. Other Internet Business - You can do all of your business through online. Power of internet is evident to all by now. We can reach to mass in flip of eye. Access of millions is a very easy task here. So you need to think about the neat concept. What you can arrange at your end at competitive prices (some of services which can also be part of this category we have already discussed). Not only for selling at internet buy for buying also you can use internet in similar way.

    7. Earning purely from Internet - Many people became millionaire through this. You need to come up with a business concept which should be neat and catchy. Many internet companies are have reached to mega size from internet business only. e.g. Google, eBay etc to name a few. You can charge directly from your customers or you can look for money through sponsors if you have good traffic on your web site. To achive that also you need to provide some value to your people browsing your website. That value can be interms of some valuable information, proving some knowledge free or any thing which people like to see. Maintaining Internet ethics is subject matter and different people look at this differently.

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