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  • The Great Indian Wealth

    Brass Artware Items

    There are many traditional Brass Artware items which are from age old India and are still liked by people from all around the world. Items such as

  • Brass Statues
  • Animals
  • Indian figures
  • Gods & Goddesses
  • Flower Pots
  • Europian Figures

  • List is long and any thing which you like and has shape can be molded using sand casting. Most of Brass work happens at Aligarh a town of UP State of India.

    Quality is our Prime Concern and our each and every item passes through stringtwent quality tests and approval process. We always welcome feedback of our esteemed customers and try to ensure 100% satisfaction.

    There are hoards of Indian Traditional items which we offer at very low prices and you will surely get value of your money. We even prepare Sample Packets at very nominal prices to allow you trade at your end or to explore the markets first.