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Magical Friends Singing Dora Doll -$15.00 at Wal Mart

V.Smile Joystick -$14.84 at Wal Mart

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Play AudioRemember

A memory-building game for the ears

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Scroll Puzzle

Put the picture tiles in the right places.

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Play Supermind Game

Use your reasoning skills to find the right sequence.

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Start Puzzle
Play puzzle

A classic puzzle: Rotate the puzzle pieces until they fit to make a picture.

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Start Packbag
Play Packbag

Pack your suitcase without forgetting anything.

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AreYouGame.com games and puzzles

Board games and puzzles have been gift essentials for decades, and online shopping is clearly changing the way shoppers are purchasing gifts this year. San Francisco-based AreYouGame.com is filling a niche that the biggest e-stores have left "on the table." With more than 1500 items in stock, AreYouGame.com is the undisputed leader of this core gift category. From board games to puzzles; from brain teasers to murder mysteries, AreYouGame.com is the Web- shoppers' best source for the old favorites from companies like Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley, as well as the hard-to-find games and puzzles of the small boutique manufacturers
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