The Great Indian Wealth

  What constitutes Indian wealth?
How this wealth got generated? Who created this? How to protect this? These are all difficult questions and our economists often try to find the answers of these questions. Time and again we often talk about our old golden age. Are we back to that stage or we are just at the tip of that iceberg? If we gained some back then in what proportion and in what way? Are we really going to over take Italy by 2012 and Germany by 2027 or its just our day dreaming. Well we are not going to discuss any details of this as of now. This portal provides a glimpse on variety of topics related to Indian wealth, Indian Items, tips on earning from Home & financial plannng, Some news & views etc. Over all a light and refreshing site. Down the line we have planned to add some serious stuff too on Indian Economy and its increasing economic wealth. As we will keep getting articles from individuals to share here we will keep it posted for you. So stay tuned, keep browsing and keep writing back to us......We would love to hear from you.

            Today The Indian wealth market is offering competitors enormous opportunities. Since liberalization in 1990 India has been gaining wealth very rapidly. Researchers say in the last five years, affluent wealth in India has grown at a rate of little over to 17%. India is becoming an increasingly attractive market in many industries, and wealth management is no exception. Driving the attractiveness of the market has been the country’s exceptional economic performance over the last decade. The economy has grown at an average of 7.6% since 1994, due to the continued development of the service industry and technology sector. The opportunities that have been created by a booming economy have in turn driven individual wealth growth. Researchers have analyzed that the wealth of India’s residents has grown from below US$100bn in 1998 to approaching US$180bn at the end of 2003. This amounts to an increase of more than 100% in just five years. India’s large skilled population and robust domestic stock market will ensure that this wealth continues to grow.

            The topic is such that we can talk endlessly on wealth of India. But some of you might be looking to know a broad issue that what is Wealth?

            Is Wealth MONEY? 'Probably yes!. As sometimes it is more subjective definition of whealth and in that it is not always possible to valuate whealth interms of money. So answer is YES & NO both. Some of you are intellects here, so you would have guessed by now which other things of life are also called whealth. You know truth of life. You know which other walks of life may make you more wealthy and rich. But it might have confused to some people at least, so for them we will tell it little later that how it is NO also. First we will commit and confess that MONEY part of wealth is the most required thing of life and browsing this website should definitely help you in someway or other way to earn more. Now you would think what we would tell you by which you would get more money.....

            Surely the purpose of this website is to find more and more ways to earn all kinds of wealth but its up to you what clicks you most. I am sure you would surely be looking for MONEY at a first place otherwise you would not have come here. We have surely given simple solutions to start your earning if you are not earning, to earn more if you are looking for additional income. We do not charge for any of our advices. Neither we are committing any short cut or sure shot program to bring you quick money but I am sure we would be able to help you in all possible ways. What we do is to share our ideas, expertise and experience with you. In turn we give a platform to choose what is best suited to you. Intern we will seek a help from you to share your experience also back with us. Because that will add value to our content. We evaluate those and share with other readers. We always keep searching newer and newer ideas and publish them. If we like your idea then we can reward you suitably.

            Now this is the time to introduce you our definition of WEALTH. We say wealth is anything which can has some economic value or has even a notional economic value. Notional economic value might be different for different people and in different situations. Usually notional is subjective otherwise whealth is money of any form of money, which can be traded in market against cash such as Gold or any other commodity. One may argue on subjective part of whealth as we already said different people look at subjective part differently so we leave things on you. Things such as knowledge of job, speciall skill, formula to make some commodity etc could also be termed as forms of whealth. As these skills can earn you money, your knowledge which can fetch you money, your time even which is a rich resource (take example in western countries where human intervention itself is very costly. Because it requires time of human being which means shelling out additional money. So even the simpler things are costly but again time can be covered under job skills)............................So slowly you will feel many things can be covered under the definition of whealth. It may also happen that you think about anything you will immediate associate any kind of economic utility with that.....................So when it is everywhere then how it is difficult to earn and translate into MONEY. Well one million dollar question and if one knows the perfect answer he or she would have been GOD. However having said we should not be hostile rather we should strive to move in right direction with best of efforts. Certainly we will always be better of. ......By now we are sure we have tickled enough your thinking process and you are ready to listen us more on the different forms of Wealth. Have a happy reading ahead in website.