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    We are responsible to guard our money at our own. No police, law, court firewall can protect us 100%. These are to help us to provide some means and tools to go backward to recover, but chances you may not get your money back.

    There are few important lessons one should keep in mind

    Lesson 1 - High returns, Golden opportunity

    When you see High returns, Golden opportunity to become millionaire etc

    Please fix in your mind that no one can bring you rocket fast returns vis-ŗ-vis a realistic market business model. If seller or agent is saying means its fraud and playing with your emotions. Why anyone would offers you such quick returns. He would take loan, steal and put investments himself and will become millionaire himself or will keep earning further through that scheme rather offering that scheme to whole mass.

    Lesson 2 - Emotional aspects

    I have observed many times such scam sites or schemes try to lure common man on emotional aspects which are more aesthetic aspects of life usually one dreams for. Such as holidaying in some luxury resort or abroad, spending quality time with children while some registration in some site will earn for you over the net, taking wife for dinner and money is flowing to home as if Santa has come along with Gold biscuits to drop at your place. They will claim as if you will earn so simply almost without doing anything or doing something which you never heard of bringing so much money over net. Other appealing ways to you can be that you can opt to try with little investment only, which may click you. Some times you will hear that years you kept thinking to try but you could never try for even a small risk like this. Look at your neighbors, you can notice some of them rose so rapidly infront of your eyes that you could remain looking at their chaging life style and gaining wealth. Do you think they could have rose so fast without taking risk. No, they took risk and now they are far better of. Usually we notice rich people around quickly and retain their fancy life style in mind and forget pains and shatters of poor people or who lost in their life. This life style always remains at back of our mind as a dream and on tempering even a little it surfaces out easily and we may tend to flow along for their wit....these guys know how to strike a chord. Too much repetition of such words sometimes work and we tend to think to spend on that, and then we think ..OK..afterall its small money. So letís try. Meaning you are caught. Now think for cheat small from thousands become what? You can imagine.

    Lesson 3 - Mouth of word publicity

    Sometimes some of people from known connections will also try to validate such schemes but don't get carried away. That person will also have some interest to make you convinced on that. So long you are not shelling out any money you can entertain that guy. But even than also sometimes it becomes dangerous so create some kind of entry barriers for such kind of people and try to avoid. Thumb rule no one can bring you easy money when he himself could not do so. If you are still feel convinced then take time to evaluate yourself and keep your intermediary people in loop and ask offerers to convince intermediary to accept responsibility. Don't hesitate as you did not approach that person for any help or opportunity he himself approached so he has to take that pains.

    Lesson 4 - Unwarranted and unexpected extreme friendly behavior

    This is unusual and you should try to read this. There is always a natural tendency to be courteous to people who are polite with us. Cheats know this and will be at their best friendly behavior when selling you an investment option. They will sound very empathetic, friendly and concerned about your financial well being as if they are your wealth and/or portfolio managers and itís their business to work for your wealth.

    Many people have fallen for their wit and charm because they could not say 'NO' to these guys and ended up buying a losing proposition. Do not be get impressed by glib talk.

    Lesson 5 - Don't come under any pressure

    Investment Opportunity is already over but I can manage to get you today also if you can take decision now. Tomorrow you will surely regret for this if you don't opt for this. Many people can fall in their golden opportunity offers because these guys create a pressure on you. They can be after you and create a pressure environment to literally force you to decide in their favor only. I suggest to buy always time for you to evaluate and be firms in showing your researcher's attitude. It will be presented to you as a golden opportunity closing in a day or two. Or it is available only to a limited number of people. Donít be swayed by the high-pressure tactics of the sales agents. Give it a pass. Never ever invest in a hurry unless you have well understood the scheme.

    Lesson 6 - Documentation

    Keep records properly and demonstrate agent also during purchase (if you are finally going ahead with some scheme) that you are documenting his every commitment in writing and you are neat and clear in documentation. Take Xerox of his photo id along with his self attestation along with all documents. You need to document everything very properly so file everything in fornt of him only. If anywhere he is wrong he will melt down there itself and move away from scene. Because he surely will not produce you any photo id because that is the first thing which will bring him into problems. If he is simple selling person of company then also he will not like to do that and will convey their owners/managers about this and they will also find it difficult to manage. More precautions will surely help you to prevent you falling in the hands of scamasters. Never pay to some unknown internet site where you have even a little suspicion.

    Try to ensure credibility of web company and know owns that site. Try to check whether company has any history available to public through some third party such as media etc then you can have a better, unbiased view of company standing and genuineness of business. Ask company which third party can validate their business or has approved or covered in their media or website. NEVER pay to any site or opportunity where you have any doubts. However if you are sure of their business and worthiness then look for other care such as how robust is their site. Is that SSL secured, has verisign symbol etc and its better you don't pay through credit card or bank transfer or other electronic payments if you are not in secured zone of internet connectivity such as unsecured wireless connection. This would to invite problems for you and hackers can hack your credit card number or even other important data such as user id or password.

    Lesson 7 - Basic thumb rules

    Thought - RATIONALISE YOUR GREED in everything you do and you see.

    Actions - Align with thought completely not with heart