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    Some Fun

    You want to try some optical illusions. What you see is not always what you get! Look at the pictures below and experience yourself

    Do these circles appear to intertwine? Believe it or not, they are actually individual circles!

    illusion1 (202K)

    Move your eyes around this image and count the dots at the intersections. When you are finished, count them again. Do the dots appear and then disappear? Focus on any one dot and it will disappear.

    illusion2 (202K)

    Do you see a rabbit or a duck? Look closely, and you will see both

    illusion3 (202K)

    If you look at the three dark rings you should be able to see particles swirling around.
    Stare at them long enough and they will reverse direction.

    illusion4 (202K)

    This one will make you dizzy. Try focusing on just the center circle while moving your head.

    illusion5 (202K)